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Your warehouse needs power 24/7 to run efficiently. Even an hour without power, can lead to food spoilage, damage to equipment or machinery and employee downtime. A Vessyll or multiple Vessyll's, safely stored indoors, supplies immediate power in milliseconds, keeping your warehouse humming. With our innovative user interface, you decide how your energy storage system operates. Or, leave the Vessyll in autonomous mode, and we've got your covered.  


Power outages: your Vessyll reads weather and climate data in real-time and prepares itself for the worst. It will store additional  energy as it sees a potential outage ahead. It reads the power grid data and understands when an outage is scheduled, storing additional power as needed.

Peak power shaving: your Vessyll reads data coming in from the utility, drawing in power when the rates are cheap and pushing power to your warehouse when rates are expensive. Depending on your power needs, this can result in hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in savings. In certain parts of the country, the return on your investment takes only five years...for system lasting at least fifteen years.

Off-grid: paired with your solar or wind system, take your warehouse completely off-grid with a Vessyll.

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