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Vessyll is a next generation energy storage system combining the latest in hardware and software tech mixed with Midwest manufacturing genius.


Our lithium ferrous phosphate (LFP) batteries can be built to 60kWh in one Vessyll providing enough energy storage to meet your site specific needs. Our inverters provide a power punch up to 50kW. With the latest and safest battery tech, our plug and play Vessyll's are easily installed in your home or building.  Customizable battery and inverter sizes meet your needs and with the ability to tie our products together expand capacity.

Battery Management Systems

We've created a unique controls system, with more available power inputs and user friendly interface. Our Vessyll will store power from solar, wind, the grid, and off-site power generation when needed in the emergency situations. When not in power generation mode or off-grid mode, we put money back in our customers' pockets through peak power shaving, the simple yet lucrative concept of drawing cheap power off the grid at night, and delivering it out during the day.

Power Up

Our Vessyll will monitor both the grid and your renewable power source to always have enough energy on-hand getting you through the toughest power outages. It tracks weather and climate data to help predict when outages may occur and allows the user to control how much or how little energy is being stored.  Our energy storage device is able to pull off of single phase or three phase power source leaving no worry a Vessyll will fit your unique system.

 Power Out

Our robust power inverters can handle your largest electrical loads. Whether you need to run multiple motors simultaneously or want to run your home on full power during an outage, our energy storage system can tackle the toughest challenges. Powering off of 120/240V or 240/480V isn't a concern and when your electrical loads call for power, your Vessyll meets the need.

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